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We take pride in helping individuals that want to repair and restore their credit. However, here at Free Fast Academy we do a whole lot more than just disputing negative items. We implement several coaching tips, strategies, credit building products, etc.. Our hands-on approach separates us from our competition. We make sure we treat our clients and future clients with utmost respect and make sure you always have our undivided attention.

-Luis A.

How Does Our Program Work


We provide a free credit consultation and analysis while working with you to find any negative things that are negatively impacting your credit score.

Our Work

To speed up the credit rehabilitation process, we use aggressive disputing tactics and strategies to challenge unfavourable entries on your credit report with the credit agencies, as well as educate you on how to correctly use credit.

Get Results

In 14 days, items start to fall off, and you’ll see all of these changes in your monthly report with your credit improvement results, which you can access through our protected site.


Credit repair is the process of restoring a person’s credit score after it has deteriorated due to a variety of factors. 

Low credit scores are associated with higher interest rates, which translates to higher finance costs on credit card balances. Repairing your credit will enable you to obtain a more competitive interest rate and save money on interest payments.

By studying your credit report and contesting discrepancies with credit bureaus and creditors, can assist you in better understanding and repairing your credit.

Your credit score is a three-digit figure that ranges from 300 to 850 and indicates how creditworthy you are—that is, how excellent with credit you are and how much you can be trusted to repay what you borrow.

Because your credit can be damaged much more quickly than it can be restored, it’s a good idea to consider the following factors that can harm your credit:

  • Failure to pay payments on time
  • Bankruptcy or foreclosure
  • Too many credit accounts applied for
  • Having high credit card balances
  • Ignoring dubious negative things on your credit report

If you have negative items on your credit report, credit repair can help you improve your credit profile.

It depends on the number of negative items you have on your credit report. Although you will be able to see the results in 30-45 days.

Our Credit Repair Results

30-45 DAYS!